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How to execute script from Jenkins if installed on linux and script has located on windows machine?



  • Jay N Lodhiya

    Hi if jenkins plugin is installed in linux machine we recommended to put your script in your linux machine.Then start testing-whiz server on windows machine your script will execute

  • Feduzzigg
    How can I get Jenkins to execute a script that it pulled from Git?
    1. Create a Jenkins job and configure your git repo in it.
    2. In Build-steps, select Execute shell script option.
    3. Give command as python3 or use python2 depends on your python version.
    4. Save the job and click on Build.
    5. Check the console output of the job that is running.
  • Feduzzigg
    How do I run Jenkins after installing Linux?
    You can enable the Jenkins service to start at boot with the command:
    1. sudo systemctl enable development dubai
    2. sudo systemctl start jenkins.
    3. sudo systemctl status jenkins.
    4. Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/jenkins

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